We are in the process of setting up an investigation at the Eagles Club Inc in Waynesboro, PA.  Possible investigation date will be Friday 5/3/13.  Let us know if you will or will not be able to attend.

BPI forms are now available at

The BPI Web App is up and running. If you want to download the app go to appcatch.com and search Mobile BPI.
When I tried downloading it, I got a security alert saying that it wanted access to my email and authorization to send email without permission so I only downloaded it onto the official BPI Iphone that has no email contacts on it. It works fine but I discovered that it works off of the internet so instead of downloading the app, simply copy this:


Paste the address in your browser and submit. It will open up the same as the app would. Now just bookmark the site or save as a shortcut and you got your own BPI App without having to worry about spam or other security risks.  It works for computers too. 

If you have any questions, let me know.
We have an opportunity to set up an investigation at the Ramblewood House, located in Darlington, near the Conowingo Dam.  The cost for our group would be $400 but it is usually $600.  If we can get everyone to go, the cost would be $44 per person.  Please let us know if you are interested in going so we can set it up.

If anyone has an old smart phone that they are not using anymore and would like to have a BPI phone line added to that phone, let me know.  You will be able to make calls, receive calls, text and view BPI's email from anywhere that has wifi access, for free.  The phone will be for BPI purposes only due to the fact that when there is an incoming call, all phones that are connected will ring.  The idea is that when someone calls our number to request an investigation, all of the BPI phones will ring.  The other option is to establish an on-call list and have access to the line rotated between members. Let me know what you think and if you would like to participate.

You can also use your current smart phone but I'm not sure if you want to share lines and if it will effect your phone's settings.  I have it set up on an old iPhone and it works great.
A Forum has been added to the website. Please create a profile so you can interact and contribute to the site. You can post informational articles, pictures and/or stories from investigations or whatever you think might be interesting and related to the paranormal.  Also, please post a small bio of yourself with a picture in the BPI Members post.

If there is anything you guys would like to see added to the website or something that you would like to see changed, please let me know as I have been doing this mostly on my own during my free time and I am no expert and make frequent mistakes. Thanks.

Check out our Mobile BPI App. below, it is interactive. You will be able to put it on your phone or tablet and have access to a field report that will be emailed to our email address, ghost weather station, noise generator as well as lots of other cool stuff. Let me know what you think.
Our new website is finally up and running.  Any suggestions for things to add/change are welcome.  Also in BPI news...a mobile app

    B.P.I. Contacts

    Aaron-  (410) 900-4266

    Andy-  (410) 303-1970

    Jessica-  (443) 807-6149

    Nicole-  (443) 277-0789

    Dave-  (443) 415-0043

    Randi-  (410) 900-4272

    Anna-  (410) 274-1412

    Candice-  (443) 421-0019

    Brian-  (443) 690-0489


    April 2013