The BPI Web App is up and running. If you want to download the app go to and search Mobile BPI.
When I tried downloading it, I got a security alert saying that it wanted access to my email and authorization to send email without permission so I only downloaded it onto the official BPI Iphone that has no email contacts on it. It works fine but I discovered that it works off of the internet so instead of downloading the app, simply copy this:

Paste the address in your browser and submit. It will open up the same as the app would. Now just bookmark the site or save as a shortcut and you got your own BPI App without having to worry about spam or other security risks.  It works for computers too. 

If you have any questions, let me know.
4/13/2013 03:33:24 am

The main point of this web app is so that every investigator has access to a field report that can be easily filled out and emailed to us. It also has tools for investigations such as a ghost weather station and a White/Pink/Brown Noise generator.


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